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How to SELL & MAKE Money:


Register to Consign

Sign up for your FREE JBF Spokane account. You can choose to sell items and also register to HELP OUT the sale and shop early for the best deals. 


Collect, Prep, and Tag

Gather your items together, prep them (according to our website guidelines) and create your tags using our online tagging system.  

We've got helpful videos for you,too! 


Drop Off!

Bring your items to the drop off times below. If you want to donate anything that doesn't sell, your done!  If you want to pick up anything that doesn't sell, see times for that too. 

.....and about a week later, your check shows up in the mail!

Earn CASH!


You keep 60% of the selling price and a $12 consignor fee is deducted from your check. Your check is mailed to you about a week after the sale. You will earn more money than at a resale store or garage sale. We market and advertise, rent the space, host the sale and do all the paperwork and muscle work for you. 

Consignors drop off their items prior to the event. You do not have to stay with your items. The sale is set up just like a well organized store. Customers go home with the garments and take the hangers with them. Your unsold items will be sorted for pick up at the end of the sale or you can choose to donate your items to our charity partner.

NEW - Drop and Go Consignor!

We are offering a new quick and easy drop off for all consignors who choose to DONATE ALL their unsold items when the sale ends.  DONATE ALL consignors will check in at a special side door and then just drop off their prepped and tagged items.  That's it!  We will inspect and put out all your items for you! 

Register to Consign



Get Involved

Shop FIRST and SAVE!

All consignors get to shop early with a friend at our presale!   Our presale is a special shopping time before the sale opens to the pubic. 

Conignors also shop at our half price presale first! 


Drop off

This is for consignors who have signed-up with JBF Spokane, have a consignor number and have tagged and prepped all their items for the sale.
If you have heavy items to unload we would be glad to help you.

Allow about 1 hour to complete the drop off and inspection process.

NEW - Drop and Go Consignor!

We are offering a new quick and easy drop off for all consignors who choose to DONATE ALL their unsold items when the sale ends.  DONATE ALL consignors will check in at a special side door and then just drop off their prepped and tagged items.  That's it!  We will inspect and put out all your items for you! 

Drop off times



In order to prepare for the presale we cannot accept items after 3:00pm.

  • You can make as many trips in the building as you need to drop off your items.  
  • First you will check in at the computer and then be asked to sign a consignor waiver. We will have extra waivers at drop off for you too. If you are dropping off items for a friend you will need to bring their signed waiver with you.
  • You will be able to make several trips to your car to bring in all your items once you have been assigned a volunteer inspector.
  • Receive your consignor pick up form explaining the pick up process and your pick up time. You will need this form to pick up your items and any one elses items you plan to pick up.
  • Receive your presale pass for you and 1 guest for the 5:30pm presale.
  • Your items will then be inspected by volunteers to make sure they meet JBF standards. Sort items according to gender and size for speedy hanging. Double check items before inspection. Be sure tags, hangers and items will clear JBF inspection (see merchandise prep for more info). Items tagged not hung and tagged properly will not be accepted.
  • You will then be asked to set out acceptable items on the sales floor. We will have signs to give you directions and the volunteers can help you when they are not busy with inspection.
  • After accepted items have been set out on the sales floor you will then pick up your unaccepted items. You can choose to donate those items to our charity partner or take them home with you.

2nd Drop off


2nd drop off is for registered consignors who would like an additional time to drop off large items over $10. Clothing items will not be accepted at this time.

  • Check in
  • Set approved items out on the sales floor.

Pick up

If you DO NOT wish to have your unsold items donated. Items WILL BE SORTED for your convenience. Our breakdown and sort is a step by step process. It takes a large team to sort consignors unsold items.

Allow about 30 min to complete the pick up process. 

Pick up times

for consignors with a last name beginning with A-K
for consignors with a last name beginning with L-Z

Please do not come before 7:30pm to pick up your unsold items. They will not be fully sorted until that time.

  • Bring the consignor pick up form you received at drop off with your consignor number on it.
  • Find your pile of unsold items on the sales floor. There will be a consignor check out form with your name and consignor number on your pile. Volunteers will be walking the floor and can help you find your pile.
  • Double check that everything in the pile in yours. Our volunteers do their best to return every unsold item to you but sometimes things can get mixed up.
  • Check the unsalable and no tag tables. These are items that were removed from the sale because of lost tags, broken, stained, out of season, ect.
  • Carry your unsold items and consignor check out form with you to the check out tables (these tables are located near the exit door). A JBF staff person will then double check your unsold items making sure everything has your consignor number on them.
  • Sign your consignor check out form and hand it to the JBF staff after they have inspected your items.
  • Your check for your sold items will be mailed to you in about 1 week.
  • If you cannot pick up your unsold items yourself, you may send someone else to do so for you. Please fill out the bottom portion of the consignor pick up form granting them permission to pick up your items. Please note-This person may not be able to recognize your items as well as you therefore, if any of your items have been put in the no tag or unsaleable area at pick up, they may not recognize them as yours.

All items not picked up by 9:01pm will be donated to our charity partner.

NO TAG (items that have lost their tags during the sale)

UNSALEABLE AREA (items that were removed from the sales floor because they were out of season, broken, torn or stained)



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Helpful tagging videos

Check out our video library with easy-to-follow instructions and tips to make the most money for your items! Various item preparations are covered to take the guesswork out of your tagging.

What can I sell at JBF?

Here are just a few things you can sell at JBF!


  • Riding Toys
  • Rocking Horses
  • Slides
  • Outside Play Equipment like Little Tikes (High Demand)
  • Picnic Tables
  • Battery-Operated Cars
  • Bikes
  • Wagons
  • Sports Equipment
  • Strollers
  • Changing Tables
  • Swings
  • Highchairs
  • Playpens
  • Bouncy Seats,
  • Walkers
  • Exersaucers
  • Rockers
  • Books
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • DVDs and Video
  • Play Stations and PS Games
  • Children's bedding and furniture (especially bunk beds, toddler beds and desks)
  • Bed Rails
  • Safety Gates
  • Nursery Items
  • Crib Bedding
  • Diaper Bags
  • Nursing Supplies
  • Handmade items
  • Books
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • New and gently used children's clothing size infant-juniors (in season)
  • Juniors clothing is limited to 10 items per consignor because of supply/demand
  • Shoes
  • All seasons of maternity wear (limited 10 items because of supply/demand)

Unacceptable Items:

  • Out-dated, worn or stained clothing
  • Clothing that is the wrong season.
  • Items that have been recalled. Please click here to check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any recalls.
  • Car seats (we do sell 3 in 1 travel systems with carseats in excellent condition)
  • Cribs
  • Women's and Men's clothing


What is considered "in season" at JBF Spokane?


Accepted items at the fall/winter sale-

  • Winter coats, bibs, boots, hats, gloves
  • Halloween costumes and Christmas outfits
  • Fleece coats
  • Heavy sweaters
  • Corduroy pants
  • Winter fun items like sleds

Accepted items at the spring/summer sale-

  • Swimsuits
  • Shorts, sundresses, capris, tank tops, sandals
  • Easter dresses
  • Light jackets and sweaters
  • Summer fun items like water toys and life jackets
  • Clothing items that are always accepted at JBF Spokane no matter what season
  • Long pants and jeans
  • Long and short sleeve shirts
  • Footie pj's
  • Rain coats/boots
  • Maternity in all seasons (bring your best)

JBF has the final say on all accepted items. If you have questions please feel free to email me.

Merchandise prep

If you have never logged into our system before but get our emails, enter your email address and click forgot password at the top.  If you don't get our emails already, create a new account. You're going to love this system!

You will set your own price on all items. Be sure to price to sell and half price items are a big seller on Sunday so be sure not to star your items for Sunday shoppers. 

Please make sure that your consignor number is correct on every tag.

If you want to donate your unsold items after the sale, choose the donate option on your tags.

You set your own price. Price to sell! Generally things sell for 1/3 of the original price depending on the supply/demand of your items.

If you decide not to let your items sell for half price, it will print a star on the tag. This tells the shopper that your items is full price on half price day.  Hint- half price items sell! Especially small toys and clothing.


  • Clothes must be hung on appropriately sized hangers with the hook pointing to the left and the tag on the right shoulder if you are facing it (Make a question mark ? with the hanger.)
  • Children's clothing sizes 4 and under must be on child size hangers. You can get these inexpensively at Walmart, Target or the Dollar Store. Some dry cleaners, Old Navy also give hangers away for FREE. Look for these hangers EARLY. Most places run out way before the sale. If you cannot find them, use what you have, just remember that the cheap plastic ones tend to break easily.
  • Junior size clothing needs to be age appropriate, current styles and in excellent condition.   Only 10 Junior sized clothing items will be accepted per consignor. Please be sure that the items are from the junior department -- JBF cannot accept Misses or other women's adult clothing
  • .Only 10 Maternity items will be accpeted per consignor.
  • Please sew loose hems and make sure zippers, buttons and snaps work properly.
  • Be sure to secure the tag on the upper left shoulder of the shirt (if you're looking at the shirt, it's the right shoulder). Use safety pin or a tagging gun for your tags.  DO NOT STAPLE TAGS TO CLOTHING!
  • If you are using a tagging gun please place the tag in the store label tag if available, under the seam that runs underneath the shirt collar, or the last resort in the under arm seam.
  • Also, make sure your pants are attached with safety pins, through the waistband and the upper arms of the hanger (not the bottom bar)



  • Click here to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any recalls.
  • Clean all items thoroughly. (Stained items will be removed from the sales floor)
  • Test to make certain that items are working properly.
  • Battery operated items must include working batteries (these can be purchased inexpensively at dollar stores).
  • Games and puzzles must include ALL pieces and be in box/plastic bag. Tape shut with clear packing tape.
  • Place small parts and accessories belonging to items in Ziploc/plastic bag. Tape bag shut. Fasten bag securely to the item with clear packing tape or small zip ties. Items must include ALL parts
  • You may group several items together (toys, rattles, puzzles, books, etc.) in a Ziploc bag. Secure bag shut with clear tape.
  • Use ONLY clear packing tape or blue painters tape to attach tags to books. Do not use scotch or masking tape.
  • Items may be placed into multiple bags and secured together with clear packing tape.
  • Multi piece items that will not fit into a bag may be attached together with zip ties.
  • NO explicit or rated R DVD's.

Note: Attach tag to item with clear packing tape, safety pin, or by punching a hole in the top of the tag and securing with ribbon.
Note: Place a piece of tape on tag before punching a hole. This will reinforce the tag so that it is not easily torn off your item.
Note: If selling multiple items together, include how many items on tag. (i.e. toys, rattles, puzzles, books, etc.)

Top 10 Best sellers

These items ALWAYS sell well at JBF!

  1. Strollers 
  2. Pack-n- plays, Bassinets, Swings, Bouncy Seats
  3. Cribs & Toddler Beds
  4. Bicycles & Ride-On Toys
  5. Outdoor/Indoor Play Structures
  6. Toys & Sporting Goods
  7. Books, DVDs, Games & Video Games
  8. Clothing (baby, toddler, school age, teen & maternity)
  9. Shoes
  10. Infant Care Items


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Tyona Albrecht Owner/Sale Coordinatior
Just Between Friends Spokane & North Idaho 


Having kids is EXPENSIVE!  I'm a mom of 4 growing kids and it's hard to keep up!   JBF has made it possible for me to sell my kids' outgrown things and shop for the new clothes, gear and toys they need and love!  I love Spokane and am honored to bring this great event to our area.  I've been the coordinator of JBF Spokane since 2008 and I'm thankful for how much this event has blessed so many in our area. 

Read Tyona's Feature on the JBF Blog
I was honored to be featured on the JBF Franchise blog.  Please take a minute to read a little more about my JBF story.