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Giving Back

One of the greatest things about JBF Spokane is that we get to see, meet and serve so many here in our community. We LOVE Spokane and are excited to be a part of helping so many families save on the things they want and need.
Choosing to donate your unsold items is a wonderful way to help families in need right here in our own backyard.

Charity Partner Highlights


The Attic is non-profit private organization that's been serving Fairchild AFB for over 17 years.  We provide a wide range of household goods to military families such as appliances, furniture, and clothes, as well as toys and outfits for their children.  The Attic's mission is to alleviate the financial burden often placed on new Airmen in the process of establishing and maintaining a household.  All of our goods are donated to us by the local community, and those good are provided to military families free of charge.  Our organization is entirely volunteer-based, and we strive to provide the best support we can to our local and military communities.  Below are some testimonials from some of our regular customers. 

"The Attic has helped our family in so many ways! our last baby who is now a year old was quite a suprise considering I was being prepped and prepared for a hysterectomy with pre cancerous cells on my cervix.  I thought it was cancer, I went in to get a checkup and turns out even though I was told it was virtually impossible to get pregnant, that  I was indeed pregnant.  I had already given away and donated all of my baby things to the attic at the base we were located at before.  thankfully, the attic came through again and I was able to get all of my baby necessities through the attic once again.  my little man is now a year old, and I have since donated all of his baby things back, its such a great process that my family truly appreciates! if it wasnt for the airmans attic, i honestly dont know what our family would have done without the airmans attic.  I will continue to donate everything to the attic, to pay it forward."
--Shawna D.

"I started going to the attic for items here and there. And eventually volunteered. It became one of the greatest blessings in my life. Not only was I able to help my family with things from there, but also by the second family we gained from the volunteers and regular visitors. Even though I'm not volunteering anymore the attic continues to bless my life"
--Jessica R.

"My son volunteers there as often as possible at Airmen's Attic and it has given him a great sense of accomplishment, a sense of community and hours to log towards high school/college credits. Thanks to Mrs. Cheryl and the other volunteers for making it a nice space for young people to learn the ropes."
--Andrew C.


Tyona Albrecht Owner/Event Coordinatior
Just Between Friends Spokane & North Idaho 


Having kids is EXPENSIVE!  I'm a mom of 4 growing kids and it's hard to keep up!   JBF has made it possible for me to sell my kids' outgrown things and shop for the new clothes, gear and toys they need and love!  I love Spokane and am honored to bring this great event to our area.  I've been the coordinator of JBF Spokane since 2008 and I'm thankful for how much this event has blessed so many in our area. 

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